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September 28, 2019
216.0 lbs

September 28, 2019 024 Beacon, NY

September 28, 2019 010 Beacon, NY

September 28, 2019 006 Beacon, NY

8:54 AM - Middle of Fishkill Creek, Madame Brett Park, Beacon, NY

... scrivener not working properly this morning, don’t know why, wont open individual files... i slept better last night, but still a bit tired today... a disturbing article about how society is organizing itself around those with power, the managers, and those without power, how those without are to be progressively enslaved, which seems likely true, the online commerce fails to pay workers well, content providers providing content for free, all government forms a sham as they all involve those with power misleading them to support their bid for power, there is no democracy or socialism, small is beautiful rings true as an antidote... feeling uneasy, not content, the idea that people will vote more conservatively when there is chaos, Trump favored as a result... how can i be at peace?...
September 27, 2019
217.4 lbs

September 27, 2019 060 Beacon, NY

September 27, 2019 038 Beacon, NY

September 27, 2019 026 Beacon, NY

8:22 AM - Ella’s Bellas

... nice walk today, no fowl duties this morning... Chas got me up at 3:00 AM to go out, came back with a dirty butt, climbed in bed with us before we realized, had to wash his butt in the middle of the night, never really got back to sleep, H either, he was a good dog though, he let us know he needed things... another day with the shit show, i plan not to pay attention, conservatives circling the wagons but there are cracks in the fortifications, some republicans breaking ranks with statements, whether they will with votes is another story... the mommy brigade has come and gone, quiet prevails... J acknowledged me this morning, M did too... weird advertising costume figures in the window of the auction house, kind of cool... looking for news that isn’t mostly opinion, realizing the outlets i am following are not providing that... not that much anyway... an article on impeachment in the Economist, for it, but warning of the perils, difficulties... DT needs to go down, how to do it... i would like not to watch it all day today though... i really want to do some painting of the house... i need time... i need not to have distractions... want to write something meaningful, nothing coming to mind... onward...
September 26, 2019

September 26, 2019 038 Beacon, NY

September 26, 2019 021 Beacon, NY

8:29 AM - Ella’s Bellas

… chickens, ducks, turkeys taken care of… last day of non-routine routine, then back to once a week… haven’t been here in a while, M enthusiastic, J seems to have forgotten me as a regular… another beautiful day, mom and two boys walk in, one boy too much a toddler to leave on the loose, mom picks him up and plants him on her hip… national crisis deepening, impeachment moving forward, will Trump be toast?, crossing my fingers, hoping he goes down in flames, never have i hated a president and his administration so much… elections have consequences, that is for sure… cracks in the Republican stone wall… drinking too much at night, need to stop, how long have i been saying that, seem to need/want it, sigh, my mild addiction, white people being polite up front… trying to organize my work flow, it is not as easy as it ought to be, best hope is through Lightroom, more difficult than it should be… changes happening, steady changes, i feel a little released, still considering changing up my camera gear… having an internal fit about M and all his posts that i like but he never liking any of my posts, he seems very competitive with me for some reason, i have no desire to compete with him, more mommy and children in for coffee, all white, upwardly mobile doing pretty well but they are so far north, commuting to the city like we did…
September 25, 2019
215.2 lbs

September 25, 2019 845 Beacon, NY

September 25, 2019 843 Beacon, NY

September 25, 2019 839 Beacon, NY

8:32 AM - Beacon Pantry

… farm chores done, lol, having breakfast at BP, posting, enjoying life… my ellipsis’ are not behaving properly… wonder why?… H off to work for the fourth to last time, she will have three shifts remaining and then she is free of the hospital… not sure how i will get my photowalk in today, things are getting in the way, maybe i will photograph along the way… thinking about what is being said about where we are on climate crisis and thinking that we have to stop burning fossil fuels, stop eating meat, have fewer children, radically alter the way our economy functions, how is it possible without significant bloodshed, perhaps the rational thing is huge taxes on the use of fossil fuels, consumption of meat, etc… you want to damage the planet you have to pay dearly for the privilege, net result, most people will choose not to, there will be lots of money to apply to fixing the problem… The Compassion Book tells me to always maintain a joyful mind, i am to have a sense of gratitude, i am on this spiritual path, how do i square that with planet destruction?… what does my work have to say about environmental catastrophe?… should art be topical?… i am topical about myself, that is as far as it goes… my art has other things of importance in mind…
September 24, 2019
216.4 lbs

September 24, 2019 057 Beacon, NY

September 24, 2019 048 Beacon, NY

September 24, 2019 045 Beacon, NY

7:29 AM - Bigmouth Coffee Roasters

… my first walk in Beacon is a slow one up Main Street to BMCR… reacquainting myself with it, during this walk i resolve that this afternoon will be about putting things away and cleaning up the house, getting it organized… added expenses for last few days which I thought would be a little over the top but we're not really… feeling a little tired, a little out of sorts, looking forward to getting back into routine… deciding i want to stick with color photographs for a while, this morning a photo book review, words and text, well reviewed similar to the book i want to do but I like better (why wouldn’t i?), or at least there is room for mine which comes from a different angle… the young woman barista sitting on the leather cushy chair waiting for customers to arrive… at least I think that is where she is, then a woman coughs, she is up front but not visible, a woman playing with her ponytail stands across the counter from her, ordering, chatting, they seem to know one another… of the two witnesses hold the principal one… from the compassion book, basically, know thyself, you are the only one who can, have compassion for yourself… i read in a Naomi Klein book that violence is erupting everywhere against the oil extraction industry, peaceful protest not working well enough, fast enough, this foreshadows the coming and necessary revolution against the economic system as we know it, that it will get ugly…
September 23, 2019

September 23, 2019 832 Beacon, NY

September 23, 2019 825 Block Island, RI

September 23, 2019 824 Block Island, RI

September 22, 2019
218.4 lbs

September 22, 2019 038 Block Island, RI

September 22, 2019 022 Block Island, RI

September 22, 2019 020 Block Island, RI

September 22, 2019 879 Block Island, RI

September 22, 2019 875 Block Island, RI

September 22, 2019 834 Block Island, RI

September 22, 2019 784 Block Island, RI

September 22, 2019 742 Block Island, RI

9:07 AM - Old Post Office Bagel Shop, Block Island, RI

… another lovely morning!… went for a walk on the beach under Mohegan Bluffs, absolute low tied, went a long way to the west which i have not done before, lots of evidence of people not washed away by the tide, took over 100 photos, big editing job, going to have to winnow them down… perfect beach day yesterday, air still and warm… we return tomorrow, feeling a little sad/happy about that, we have had a good time… the whistle blower scandal seems to be a good one, will be interesting to see what happens next, will the Republicans do anything about it or will it continue to be much ado about nothing to them?… woke up very early this morning, 2:30 AM, up by 3:00 AM, H up early too, neither of us sure why… thinking for the past couple of days about a couple of small boys on the beach who destroyed a cairn that had been standing there all day, quite happily, gleefully even, they took it apart, aggressively throwing the stones into the sand, not seeming to care that someone had taken the time to pile them up, not feeling anything sacred about them, their parents onlooking, saying nothing, it’s ok, the cairns are being built all the time and i am sure they are toppling all the time, but i wondered, when do we leave behind the desire to tear down/apart and gain the desire to find balance in a pile of stones?…
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